Open Your Restaurant Business the Correct Way

So you have made a choice to create your own restaurant or catering business? Then read on. As we all know the catering sector is defiantly one to get into, although very populated it is still a very good investment with great ROI. But what differentiates the good catering businesses from the bad are three factors.

Firstly there are the important decision of the staff, who must be just as good as the actual owner if not better. If you do not have somebody who cares about there job or work it will be clear to your customers and consumers and they just will not return. Secondly you must have the latest state of the art equipment. Let us just create a quick scenario here, who would you rather go to somebody that still makes there coffee and tea with a kettle or someone that has one of the greatest pieces of technology that is available on the current market which is equipped with state of the art level indicators which will assure that your drink is never over done, I know which one I would choose.

Finally and probably the most important fact of running a business is your presentation, from the planning right down to the delivery you should meet every aspect with perfection. Meaning that you should decorate your restaurant to the highest standards possible and maintain that by keeping it clean, I have seen a lot of food catering places that forget this in the long run and that is probably why they end up closing down.

Basically they open there business and spend a fortune on it by getting all of the latest equipment then once they have opened they just forget about the hygiene. These types of businesses are like a dodgy salesman, they attract you in from the outside with all of the latest gadgets and gizmos then once you enter the building you are shocked by the sheer amount of dirt on the counter and oil dripping from the air filtration.

Then you sit down to have a meal and are stunned when you look at it and it has all the dirt off the grill from five days ago. So to finally sum up if you are thinking of opening a catering business you should keep these three important aspects in mind as if you do not you are doomed for failure due to the fact of the sheer amount of competition.

Using a Business Credit Card to Help You Build Your Business

Think of it this way: you’re starting a new business and are strapped for cash. You’ve got very little capital riding on this but you’re wary about taking out another loan that could possibly mean higher interest on your mortgage or other loans that you already have. You could simply be wary about owning another creditor money. There are so many ways for you to fund raise for your business, but there is one, almost-secret way that you might not have thought about.

Essentially, a credit card is a loan. It’s an understanding between you and the creditor that you are buying things for free now but will be paying them back later. Late payments often mean increased interest and fees that may or may not break your bank. But this is only because you didn’t pay them back on time.

Have you considered using your business card as an extra loan to help your start up costs? Think about it. It’s still money; it can still buy supplies and pay for expenses and daily costs. More than that, it’ll help you manage your business more effectively as well as provide a whole lot of benefits for you and your new company.

There are so many advantages to using business credit cards for small loans for your business. Your credit limit can double as a loan limit. Where else can you get low-rate or zero interest on a cash loan? It’s certainly unheard of to get a loan below 3%! No matter how bad your credit rating is, this can be a really good deal that can solve your money worries. This can help you build your business and sustain it for the future! Once you pay them back, you can even use this to establish a better credit rating for yourself and your business.

Business credit cards rarely have an annual fee and should have low interest rates. They’re specifically made for the savvy business owner.

They offer many rewards and benefits that you can take advantage of. They can help you build up your business, keep track of expenses and know where most of your money is going. Because it is a credit card, you’ll know exactly when and where this purchase You can check daily expenses online and have a statement sent to your email or by snail mail every end of the month. This is a great way to know where you need to concentrate your resources. If you register your credit card with the credit card bureaus, it’s an excellent way to build up great credit for your company and yourself as well. The great thing about it is that you can continue to use the card even when your business starts turning a profit. You won’t be sorry that you’ve made this investment. Business credit cards are there to help you succeed!

Craigslist and Getting Tons of Traffic – How to Post Effectively

Craigslist is a hot bed for marketing your business and exposing your products and services for free. It is one of the most visited sites on the internet receiving millions of visitors daily. You can sell anything you want from clothes to cars. So, it makes a lot of sense to post your ads here. As long as you know the basic rules of posting your ads, you can increase your sales of any product. However, the task of posting ads every day is very tedious, unless you know what you are doing. Once you know how to post, Craigslist traffic can elevate your business to a whole new level.

I have been using Craigslist for about a year now and have learned quite a few tricks. If the service is not used effectively, you are losing tons of traffic. Here are 10 tips to increase you sales and profits by increasing your Craigslist traffic:

1. Make each title and description different

2. Make catchy headlines like “How To Get More Leads FREE” OR “6 Tips on Getting Targeted Leads”

3. Post images that are hyperlinked, they get more clicks

4. Post late night and early morning

5. Post in proper categories where people are looking for business ideas

6. Post daily

7. Outsource your posting or use Craigslist autoposting software

8. Make sure you have a great capture page once someone clicks your post

9. Change your IP address after every 20 posts

10. Post from different email addresses

In conclusion, I would like to say that proper Craigslist posting is a great tool for any online marketer. The time investment will be returned many times over and usually within the first few weeks or months. You will not be disappointed. Your sales and profits will increase as your Craigslist traffic increases.